Global vision, local win

Our vision is to establish an innovative and independent real estate service provider on the Croatian market based on the German model. True to our philosophy “Local Markets, with local Partners”, we rely on a passionate and dynamic team of experts trained and trained in Germany and local partners and employees.

At CTB Brokers, we believe that even a real estate agent can change the world. That may sound ambitious, but together with our customers we are already developing marketing and management strategies that are trend-setting for our entire industry. Our vision is to be a conscientious and multinational real estate service provider and to reinvent the real estate industry and help transform ambitious ideas into functional solutions to help shape the future of our industry. We believe that we can make a difference when we look at and analyze problems from a different perspective in order to find constructive and customer-oriented solutions, and from our experience we know that the question of why always comes first. Above all, we believe in the incredible potential of automation and digitization in the real estate industry. Therefore, we are already working on the implementation of digital solutions to standardize and simplify simple and time-consuming processes. In addition to looking to the future, it is also important to us to reflect on our past as a pointer to the future.


Our values ​​determine our actions

Our goal is to become one of the leading real estate agents in Croatia, supported by our advanced online marketing platforms, digital solutions and a network of competent real estate professionals. When implementing our strategy, we rely on the five priorities to ensure the future and further value creation for our company, our partners and employees.

Promote potential

We offer an innovative and collegial working environment so that our employees and partners can fully utilize their talent and energy. This is how we form an organization of inspired, curious and independent employees and partners.

Always one step ahead

In our search for innovative solutions, we challenge entrepreneurial paradigms and explore new ways to market your property faster and better.

Aim for excellence

We question our work processes and rely on flexible teams to increase the productivity of our company and to free up resources that we can invest in innovations.

Implement digital solutions

We want to trigger a digital revolution in the real estate industry with digital technologies and state-of-the-art analytics in order to drive innovation and improve our efficiency.

Win customer trust

Our goal is to earn the trust of our customers by striving for high values and integrity. We want to break new ground in order to be able to offer our customers better service.

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